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MV8000 Brake Bleeder

The New MV8000 is designed with a new ergonomic grip and comes with
all accessories necessary to perform one-person brake bleeding on
automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc. Also works great for
siphoning or transferring fluids from tanks and reservoirs. Kit includes
everything shown to the left.

Retail $49.95
MV6830 Brake Bleeder

Professional grade brake bleeding tool, air compressor required.

Perfect for workshops, service centers, or guys who would rather attach a
quick disconnect air hose for a near instant brake bleed, then spend 15
minutes pumping away by hand...

Retail $204.95
Miscellaneous Shop Tools
MotoMfg 4 IN 1 Front Axle Removal Tool

This tool will allow you to remove the front wheel on any motorcycle
that has a 17mm, 19mm, 22mm, or 24mm female hex on the front
wheel or anywhere else a large hex is needed. To hold the tool
simply use a socket and ratchet on the opposite end. This tool is held
to a very high quality standard and is CNC machined out of billet
aluminum. It is clear chromate plated to provide many years of
corrosion free use.

Attack Performance Standard Tire Warmers

Attack Performance Pole Position Tire Warmers
Woodcraft studied every available tire warmer for nearly 6 years with the goal of building the best tire
warmers - free of flaws, before finishing these in mid 2009.

They Feature:
  • Even Heat Distribution - We came up with an all new small gap heating element that leaves smaller spaces
    between the coils, ensuring that the whole tire is heated evenly.
  • Significantly quicker warm up time.
  • Great Insulation - Our newly developed insulation is thinner & has greater heat retention than ever before.
  • Side Curtains - Much of the heat loss when warming up comes when wind cools the tire from the edge.  
    Our new side curtains not only shield the tire from the wind but also importantly help retain heat so that
    the whole rim warms up.
  • Easy to install / remove - A large, 1 piece velcro strap secures the warmer to the tire with no hooks or
    cords getting in the way.
  • Durable - We used only the best components and subjected all internal connections to rigorous tension
    tests to be sure these warmers are built to last.
  • Easy to use controls - Pick your tire temp with a single button and then easily monitor the temp with the
    digital readout on the Digital LCD Version.
  • Budget minded riders can choose the Dual Temp Tire Warmers which allow you to select between warm
    (130-140F), or Hot (170-180F) settings.
  • Fits all 110 - 135 front tires, and 170 - 195 rear tires.
  • Free duffel bag carry case with every set.
WoodCraft Digital Tire

Select from 4 temperature settings:
120, 140, 160 and 180 degrees F.

Installation is especially easy
thanks to the thinner wall design.

LCD display that is easier to read
from a distance - even in sunlight.   
They won't self destruct!

These tire warmers automatically
cut their power when removed from
the tire, and therefore won't burn
themselves up if removed in a hurry
and left unattended.
Sling Shot Racing Tire Warmers!

High-quality Motorcycle Tire Warmers great for Sport Bike Riders and Supermoto Riders.    

Made of premium Nomex and Kevlar with reinforced stitching for long life and durability.

This product is ready for mounting as soon as you receive it.  Just wrap your tires and plug it in.
  • Includes 1 front and rear tire warmer plus carry bag
  • Front fits 14-19" (110 / 120 / 130 / 135)
  • Rear fits 14-19" (170 / 180 / 190 / 195)
  • 110 / 120 Volt
  • Even Heating Technology
  • Heats up to and them maintains a temperature of 175F (+/- 5F)
  • Plug and Play Design makes product easy to use
  • Red Light means its warming up, Green light means its ready