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Gilles Tooling Shiftholder Shift Support

Helps to eliminate gear shift problems which is the reason for
imprecise gear shifting.  The Shiftholder stabilizes the gear shaft and
eliminates vague shifting.  A must have!

Includes a needle bearing, and it is hard anodized a titanium color
Driven Engine Block Offs for the RSV4

Aprilia bike specific engine block off plates, available in black only.
Each set includes cap for airbox.

A must have to remove all that useless smog apparatus for racing
(or if you just don't want it!)
RIZOMA - Innovative Components
LLS Racing Billet Oil Caps

Engine oil caps made in Al7075-T6 ( ergal) from CNC machining, and
finally accurately laser edged. They are interchangeable with original
caps, re-using the same packings. Both models are drilled so they
can be safety wired to the frame for track use. Check the o-ring
rubber on original oil cap and if necessary replace it.

Available in Standard and Hexagon Styles

Available in
red, gold, black, blue, and natural
Select Style